A common Cape May County homeowner phenomenon, especially in the mainland communities of Dennis, Middle and Lower Townships, is the inability to utilize all your property. Maybe there are shrubs in your yard that are
past their prime and now look unsightly. Perhaps there is vegetation crowding in on your house or pool area that needs to be removed and/or replaced. And there’s even the scenario where you have woods behind your house that are a tangle of thorny vines, briars and scrub trees. Wouldn’t it be nice to turn that into a park-like setting?

This process begins with Douglas coming by for a free consultation. Let’s walk your property together and discuss your vision and hopes for a transformation. Once we find what sort of end-product you desire, we can work backwards to accomplish that goal.

For changes within your yard, we’ll decide and mark with ribbons what vegetation needs to be removed. Then in areas you want replanted, you can ascertain whether you want plants that always stay green or not. We like aucuba, euonymus, japanese holly, bamboo, redtips, arizona cypress, and holly trees for the yearround greens, while ornamental grasses, forsythia, and japanese maples are favorites amongst a wide variety of deciduous plantings available. We can show you what we have planted at our Swainton property or better yet meet at a local nursery supplier and pick what you want.

While walking your property we can also look at any problem areas, such as those where water collects and puddles. Maybe a little sand or soil will solve the problem, or perhaps a french drain is necessary. With a french drain, we dig a hole below the problem area to a depth of three or four feet, then fill it to one foot from the surface with round white stone, the same stone used in septic systems. A layer of landscape clothe goes over that to act as a filter, then the balance is filled with soil or sand. Any rain will now quickly percolate through the new soil or sand, past the clothe and through the round stones. Problem solved.

Turning your woods into a park setting is another of our specialties. In WV, Douglas turned dense, out of control woods into a 9-acre masterpiece (out of 19 acres) that drew unbelievable praise. It involved cutting 6,000 saplings and 350 trees, and removing it all. The logs yielded 26 cords of cut, split and stacked firewood. The project included building a half mile of roads, a one-acre pond, and preparing a one-acre barn site. That’s invaluable experience.

The beauty of our woods transformation on your property is that we cut everything by hand with a chainsaw or clippers. There’s no bulldozer mentality, so the integrity of your land remains intact. We use our skid steer, outfitted with a grapple bucket, merely to haul away the refuse to a dumping site you’ve selected at the back of your property or out to the street into a dumpster. And if you’d like the firewood-sized logs cut, split and stacked for your fireplace stash, we can do that.