picture of stone yardsEspecially for a vacation home, having a grass lawn is not practical or worth the effort. It has to be irrigated, then mowed weekly in the summer. For many, a stone yard is the answer. The choices in stone are identical to those named above for driveways. The advantages and pitfalls of each stone remain the same.

The process for turning your yard into stone is more involved than a driveway. If there is already a lawn there, we rent a sod cutter and we remove the sod. If it is a very large yard, we rent a dumpster to haul away the sod and with a smaller yard we can remove the sod with our trailer and take it to the recycling center. Any flagstone walkways will be pulled up and set aside, to be put back after the stone.

If you choose, we will next roll out landscape clothe over the entire area to be stoned. While landscape clothe will control weeds for a couple years, eventually silt will find its way on top of the clothe and weed seeds will have a place to germinate. That’s why landscape clothe is your option.

Now it’s time for the stone delivery and it’s usually two or three 24-ton loads to cover the average yard. The stone is dropped in the street and we move it to the yard via our skid steer and wheel barrows. Due to summer street congestion and local regulations, we can’t do stone yards in the island communities between Memorial weekend and Labor Day.

Throughout this process, we will be giving you the exact invoices for anything we buy or rent on your behalf. You pay the last truck driver with one check for all the loads of stone delivered. You can use one more check to reimburse us for all the items we rented or bought and already paid each vendor for.