Stone driveways are the No.1 service requested. The beauty of a stone driveway is that is not an impervious surface, like asphalt or concrete, meaning it allows rain water to seep through and doesn’t cause rainwater runoffs. There are many types of stones that can be laid down – gray stone, round white stone, and maroon-colored pea stone, plus crushed clam shells. The choice is yours.


Especially for a vacation home, having a grass lawn is not practical or worth the effort. It has to be irrigated, then mowed weekly in the summer. For many, a stone yard is the answer. The choices in stone are identical to those named for driveways.


A common Cape May County homeowner phenomenon, especially in the mainland communities of Dennis, Middle and Lower Townships, is the inability to utilize all your property. Maybe there are shrubs in your yard that are past their prime and now look unsightly. Perhaps there is vegetation crowding in on your house or pool area that needs to be removed and/or replaced. And there’s even the scenario where you have woods behind your house that are a tangle of thorny vines, briars and scrub trees. Wouldn’t it be nice to turn that into a park-like setting?


In a county that was once under the ocean and therefore is sand based, nothing proudly shows off your homestead more than a rock wall. We have over 200 feet of rock walls at our Swainton home and they draw plenty of compliments, as will yours.


Sometimes your yard just needs a little help to make it more functional. If your yard has lots of dips and rises and it mows unevenly, we can grade it out with our skid steer to give it a smoother, more uniform surface. If necessary, we can add some topsoil and hand rake it to finish off the look.


Let’s face it, sometimes a combination of bad weather and lack of free time allows your yard maintenance get away from you. Douglas can meet with you and assess your yards needs. Maybe some shrubs need trimming, the leaves need to be raked up, and the beds need to be mulched.


On occasion we have helped a homeowner by tearing down a rundown outbuilding or small cottage. Our skid steer has solid filled tires, so we don’t get flat tires from nails, screws, or sharp metal. Plus, our skid steer has tracks like a bulldozer (but ours are rubber tracks), giving it extra traction in muddy terrain. If there is asbestos siding, we must remove that first (or you can) and double bag it as required by regulations. Then we can tear the building apart and carry the scraps to a dumpster parked in the street.