Rock-WallsIn a county that was once under the ocean and therefore is sand based, nothing proudly shows off your homestead more than a rock wall. We have over 200 feet of rock walls at our Swainton home and they draw plenty of compliments.

The process begins by meeting at your property to assess potential sites for a rock wall. You may want to accentuate an existing flower bed or start a new one from scratch. We’ll outline the chosen footprint in paint, then calculate how much rock is needed. Then we’ll meet at a local supplier of pallets of rock. There are usually about four styles of rock to choose from. While all the rocks are basically flat and stack-able, the difference is in smooth vs sharp edges and subtle color variations. You pick the one or two pallets you desire and pay for them.

The next day they will be delivered to your home. We’ll be there to take delivery and get the project under way. Most rock walls are easiest to maintain if the walls are three rows high. We first sort the random-sized rocks into large, medium and small. The largest comprise the bottom layer of wall, medium is the middle row, and the smallest go on top.

The outside of the rock wall is flush, so the variation in size is on the inside where it will never be seen once we add topsoil and triple-shredded mulch.

Rock-WallsIf we are building a new bed, we will pile topsoil in the center before building the wall. We’ll also have on hand any small trees, shrubs or other plantings you’ve picked ready to plant. By the end of the day you’ll have a beautiful rock-walled bed that will give you endless pleasure and enjoyment.

Here’s a few ideas. Consider having a rock wall that showcases an existing small tree in your yard. Another scenario has us placing a large artificial rock as the centerpiece. These fake rocks, which look real, are widely available and cost under a hundred bucks. They weigh only about 30 pounds, but appear to weight 200 pounds or more. You can also think outside the box for a centerpiece. Consider and old-fashioned wheel barrow, hand cart, hand pump, or other implement that you found at an antique/collectibles roadside shop. If it can stand up to the weather, we can help show it off.