Springtime Yard Work

The most common landscaping questions here in Cape May County start with owners looking for an efficient time table to have work done. So let’s start with those tasks that can best be completed while winter lingers.

First let’s start with ornamental grasses. They should have been trimmed back to about 3″ around Thanksgiving. If not, they need to get cut now. Many grasses, such as the one shown in the picture, are many years old and they’ve been deprived of sunlight in the center and now appear like a ring.

These grasses are ready to be split up and replanted. The grass in the picture can be cut like a pie into fourths. Once you free them from the ground, eliminate the dead center pieces and you’ve got 4 ornamental grasses out of one original grass. Now they can be replanted anywhere you wish and they will thrive when warmer weather arrives.

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