Snow Plowing in Middle Twp

Snow Plowing in Middle Twp

With snow in the forecast for this weekend, it is a good time to remind all homeowners in Middle Township, NJ that we do snow removal on driveways and walkways in the township.  We also remove the snow in front of your mailbox, allowing uninterrupted delivery.  Call Douglas at 609-463-0775 to get dug out!

The weather forecast is changing hourly, but right now (about 8 hours before the first flurries) they are calling for 4″-8″ of the white stuff.

We plow with a skid steer, commonly called a Bobcat.  We have just installed a new poly blade, which eliminates any chance of leaving scratch marks in your asphalt or paver driveway.  It glides smoothly over any surface, lifting the metal bucket out of harms way.

If you don’t want to face shoveling your driveway, give us a call.  We will take care of you no matter where you live in Middle Township.

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