Rake Those Leaves

Rake Those Leaves

For many folks, autumn means a drive in the country to view the gorgeous colorful display of leaves turning colors.  The many shades of reds, yellows and oranges transport us to the land of Oz.  For others, fall means raking leaves.  Some even refuse to rake until springtime.  Bad move!

Leaves need to be raked up in the fall for a number of reasons.  Leaving leaves on the ground can spread diseases from the leaves back up to the tree.  Red tips are an example that comes to mind, but many other tree species share that trait.

Leaves left on the ground also harbor an array of insects, especially once the leaves get wet and stay moist.  The wet leaves inhibit much of the grass growing underneath, so spring raking will reveal numerous bald spots where the grass has died back.

So get out there and rake up those leaves.  Make it a family fun project.  Most towns have curbside leaf pickup twice in season – usually around Thanksgiving and then again just before Christmas.  Rake your leaves into empty barrels, then dump them at the curb.  It’s that easy.  But if you’re still balking at raking in the fall, give us a call and we’ll rake them up for you ASAP!

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