Double Knock Out Roses

My wife Joyce has been bugging me for the past couple years to get a double knock out rose bush, just like our neighbors.  Doing a complete rehab of our flower gardens this year finally allowed the addition of a double knock out rose bush.

The plant likes full sun, which we were able to accommodate.  It grows to 3-4 feet high and 3-4 feet wide, which also was doable in our front flower bed.  The plant cost $30 and it was definitely worth the price.  It has about 50 cherry red roses and as the rain decimates a few roses, others are already taking their place.

Double knock out roses were first introduced in 2000 and they have taken America’s gardening community by storm.  They can be planted in zones 5-11, they can withstand frost, and winter temperatures as low as 10 degrees Fahrenheit are tolerated.  They are also quite disease and pest resistant, which makes growing these beautiful plants a breeze.

These roses are very low maintenance.  They thrive if watered only twice a week.  The spent blooms don’t need to be dead-headed, but you can if desired.  If you mulch your beds in the spring, the nutrients from the mulch are sufficient to reward you with a healthy plant.  Wow.  Easy to grow, little maintenance, and chock full of blooming roses from spring through first frost.  That’s a winner!

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